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What is Sleep Medicine?

Quality sleep is often taken for granted.  We assume that we will easily fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel refreshed in the morning.  We try to “get by” with the minimal amount of sleep that we think we need and assume that this amount of sleep will keep us active, alert, and happy.

So what happens when this assumption no longer holds true?  When we can’t fall asleep?  Or stay asleep?  Or when we don’t feel rested when we wake up?

The consequences of poor sleep hurt us.  When we are not alert or can’t stay awake to function, our work performance suffers.  Our mood deteriorates.  Even worse, poor sleep and poor daytime function can lead to poor medical, health, and safety consequences.

I am a board certified sleep physician (ABPN), dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders.  Together, we will review your current sleep complaints, discuss potential causes of your sleep complaints, and evaluate both medical and behavioral strategies that will improve your sleep health.

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